Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need to add anything?

Our party hire service is made to be as easy as possible. The package we supply has everything included. Simply pour the mix into the machine and turn it onto freeze - very soon your very own Daiquiris will be ready to enjoy.

What time are we required to pickup and drop off the machine?

Strictly between 9am – 12pm Friday for pick-up and drop back Monday between 9am – 12pm. If you have any concerns about these times, please contact us.

What kind of car do I need for pickup?

You need a decent sized car, a ute, van, station wagon or 4wd to be able to fit the machine in, as it is 80cm in height (we can take the lids off to make it 70cm). It cannot be laid down as it is a refrigerated unit.

How many drinks would 20 Litres of daiquiri mix make?

Based on a 150ml frozen serve (the size of our plastic cocktail glasses), you will get approximately 160 glasses from 20 litres.

What percentage of alcohol is the daiquiri mix you supply?

8% alcohol content.

Am I able to have one side of the machine alcoholic and the other non-alcoholic?

We can provide you with ½ and ½ but this would be at the full price of an alcoholic hire, as we are still providing alcohol.

Can I add my own alcohol?

You can not add your own alcohol to our machines as they are set up specifically for our mixes. However you may add your own alcohol to each glass.

Can I come into your office and try all the different flavours?

Unfortunately we do not have machines set up for tasting. You can buy our 400ml concentrate bottles to try our flavours or visit one of our venues with our machines and have a drink there.

How much time do I need to give, to secure a booking?

We have a lot of machines for hire, but first in best dressed. Because we are the manufacturers we need time to make the mix and get it to you. It is always good to get in quick.